Finding and Monetizing Your Niche, Identify Your Buyers, Audiences and Revenue Streams

Louise Jakubik
Louise Jakubik

By Louise Jakubik, PhD, RN-BC, CSP®

They say there are “riches in niches.” Attend this fun, motivational and content-dense session to tap into the experience of a million-dollar nurse who has successfully launched 2 highly niched businesses and who wants to show you how to do just that! This high-energy, interactive session will focus on exactly how you can identify your business niche. The speaker will address niche questions submitted by the live audience and prepared case scenarios to provide exemplars of how to dig deep into the riches in niches. This session will not only help you to identify your niche, but also how to focus on maximizing your income within that niche by identifying varied revenue streams, buyers, and audiences within your niche. This session will show you how to tap into the riches that a well-defined niche can offer you. Whether you are looking to identify your niche, clarify your niche, or laser-beam focus your niche, this session will show you how to tap into the riches that a well-defined niche can offer you!

About Louise

Louise Jakubik, PhD, RN-BC, CSP is a million-dollar nurse who has grown 2 successful, highly niched nursing education businesses. Louise was our highly acclaimed key note speaker at NNBA 2016 on “Business Ownership as THE Difference Maker for the Life and Work You Really Want.” Louise is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association; this is the highest international recognition for professional speakers. She is one of fewer than 30 nurses in the world who have earned this designation. Louise was awarded the 2016 Mentor Award from the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), an award that recognizes a nurse in executive practice who has been exemplary in supporting the professional development of his or her colleagues by serving as a mentor. Louise’s true love is to mentor and support nurses in their professional journeys. She is a seasoned national speaker, consultant, and author. She typically travels more than 40 out of 52 weeks per year on paid speaking engagements and consultations. Louise has been a proud member of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) for 13 years since starting her first business. And she believes that NNBA has played a pivotal role in her development and success as a nurse entrepreneur and business owner.